This Is The End

This is the true story of working with James Franco, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and Seth Rogen to promote “This is the End”. Hilarity and hot-tubbing ensued. AWARDS: Creativity, Telly Shot in 4 hours.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

YouTube sensation Jake Foushee is only 16, but he does one mean Optimus Prime impression, has way more followers than you on Twitter, and has been on Ellen. Oh and he’ll probably be your boss one day too.

22 Jump Street

Ice Cube kicks MTV’s ass in this Recruitment Video for the latest install in the Jump series. The film took in $60 million opening weekend. Looks like the recruitment worked. Shot in 2.5 hours.

21 Jump Street

Tatum and Hill go undercover at the Jersey Shore. Channing charms, Jonah drinks Ron Ron juice and grenades are disarmed. AWARDS: Promax Gold, Telly, One Show, Mark Shot in 1.5 hours.

About Last Night

Kevin Hart stars in these Valentine’s Day themed spots for About Last Night. A very jealous Rob Lowe called the day after airing and wondered where I was in ’86. AWARDS: Telly Shot in 1.5 hours.

American Reunion

Before Orange was the New Black there was a pie incident. And the Situation. Here’s what happens when the two shalled meet. Shot in 3 hours.

The Wolverine

Watch with your very own eyes as Ron Ron transforms from Meathead to Wolfhead! AWARDS: Telly

The Internship

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson school MTV on the golden age of music, videos, and being a Mannequin. Shot in 45 minutes.

World War Z

Hey, girl! Are you about to get Catfished? Or turned into a flesh eating zombie?

Selections From Past Work

Like a fine wine (or cheese) I’m letting these spots age. Delicious!… Nothing But Nets Mosquito – This spot which I wrote and directed for Nothing But Nets was made to raise awareness about the spread of Malaria in Africa. It must have worked! “Mosquito” helped raise over $20 million dollars for the cause and was mentioned on the front page of the New York Times. This was one of my proudest PSA moments to date. And for all you music lovers out there, that mosquito is being played by the multi-talented Tim Harrington, lead singer of the band Les…