Snoop Dogg’s Hot Box Office

Look out, Rotten Tomatoes! Snoop Dogg’s got his own cannabis-powered commentary. Snoop kept busy and brought us a review of “Girls Trip” shortly after his enlightening take on “Transformers”. Looking forward to more from the Dogg-Father.


Amy Schumer gets Taken! Luckily Wanda Sykes is there to save the day. Shot over two days on two different coasts. Thanks to some amazing green screen comp work and the power of editorial magic some of the funniest ladies in the business are together in these spots that aired on all Viacom nets! Shot in 4 hours total.

The ASSistants

I created and directed this co-branded Bud-Light webisode that stars an all UCB cast including the amazingly talented: Dan Black, Mano Agapian, Erich Tamola, and Jessica Jardine. Shot in one day.


What’s better than Katya and Bob the Drag Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race doing a Baywatch inspired music video? Nothing. Shot in 1 hour.


Take that Tom Cruise. Zac Ephron and Jon Bass do their own stunts too! Each spot shot in 45 minutes.


You think slaying Lycans is easy? All while wearing a pleather cat-suit?! Just try it Fanboys!

Hidden Figures

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae inspire all young women of today in this PSA promoting Hidden Figures. We almost have an EGOT with this much star power! Shot in 45 minutes.

Office Christmas Party

Jillian Bell gets caught in a clusterfu*k of Christmas lights. Featuring the biggest star I’ve worked with to date…the string of lights from Stranger Things. Shot in 30 minutes.

Fist Fight

A Roast Master, a MMA champion and a Hype Man walk into a locker room. See Charlie Day and Ice Cube learn the art of comedic war! Each spot shot in 30 minutes.