Melissa Bolton-Klinger is an award winning Writer and Director living in Los Angeles. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands out there: McDonalds, Sony Music, MTV, G4 and VH1 to name a few.

After a brief stint as a stand-up comedian, she got her start in the creative jungle at MTV’s On-Air Promos Department where she discovered her love of directing while making shorts and campaigns touting the channel’s awesomeness. She went on to direct commercials, and has been paid by the Big Wigs for her unique sensibility and stupendous ideation skills ever since.

Current projects include: a pilot for a reality show, Pat Lillis Pet Detective, which features a trash talkin’, Irish spinster who finds the lost pets of the Hampton’s elite, Group Hug, an original half-hour cable dramedy, and Stuck at Work, a comedic screenplay that is equal parts Breakfast Club and Office Space.

Bucking the trend that says “creative people are A-holes,” Bolton-Klinger likes to work on pro-social projects whenever possible. In 2009 she co-wrote the book Generation Change: 150 Ways We Can Change Ourselves, Our Country and Our World, which can be found at bookstores nationwide. She’s also created Public Service Announcements for The Global Fund, The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and a campaign for Nothing But Nets, which helped raise more than one million dollars for the fight against malaria in Africa.

When not writing or directing, Bolton-Klinger can be found at The Groundlings honing her improv trade, photographing your dog in a compromising position, or on the high seas catching copious amounts of fish with her supreme fishing skills, which can only be rivaled by Long John Silver.


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